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No ads in São Paulo
Interesting article on the Walker Art Center site, it features articles from:
(Provided by Creative Review)

And the São Paulo No Logo photoset by Tony de Marco

Design Week Article - 'Lei Cidade Limpa', or the Clean City Law

Another interesting article about 'Lei Cidade Limpa', or the Clean City Law from Design Week, (2 October 2008). It is written by Michael Canturi, who is a designer at Coley Porter Bell. This visit to São Paulo was his prize for winning CPB's Blue Sky competition, which is intended to inspire creativity. You can read it as a PDF here.

Creative Review - Lambe-Lambe Posters

The January issue of Creative Review has a really interesting article on Lambe-Lambe posters being produced in São Paulo. They are an increasingly rare sight in the city, partly due to the Clean City laws.