Submission for East International 2002
(selectors John Baldessari and Lawrence Weiner)

Dear John, Dear Lawrence,

I have thought long and hard about this.

The opportunity of being included in an exhibition selected by you is too good to miss. As I see it (though you may not share that view), it is an opportunity to be a part of something which you will have created and which will be, in a sense, a piece of your work. But it seems immodest to try and influence the outcome of your efforts by submitting for your consideration a piece of my own. A better way to participate is to ask you, respectfully, to make the work on my behalf.

I have no idea what this work should be. I keep an open mind about its form, content and everything else that makes a work what it is. If you feel that the work needs to have a title, please give it one. Even if you decide that something which is not the work could be nominated as the work (and would thus meet the criteria of your selection), that would be fine too.

It goes without saying, Lawrence, that the work need not be built - and the only thing I ask, John, is that everything is purged from the work but art.

I know that you will understand my intentions.